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Liam Del Prete brings his expertise in live sound and lighting to Sonar Music, enhancing performances for artists like Sydney pop singer Eluera and events such as World Pride. When he's not contributing to the smooth operation of Sonar, Liam delves into the world of independent filmmaking, providing sound design that nurtures the next wave of Australian cinema talent.

Joel Dias joined Sonar in 2021 to pursue his passion for music and sound design. He’s coordinated production on a plethora of longform features, including Upright S2, Wellmania, In Limbo, Total Control S3 and STAN's Original Series BUMP.

As a multi-intrumentalist, Joel’s played guitar on acclaimed television series such as Netflix’s Wellmania with Celeste Barber and ABC's In Limbo. He’s served as assistant engineer for Disney’s The Artful Dodger, and score assistant for fellow Sonar Composer Matteo Zingales on Lee Tamahori’s feature film The Convert, and Russel Crowe’s STAN original Poker Face.

Joel is also a part of the composing team behind the upcoming documentary Speedway, showcasing his growing influence in the industry.

In addition to this; Joel has honed his craft further within the commercial music landscape, recording and mixing local bands around Australia and assisting Chris Blancato on Northlane’s ARIA winning album Alien.

Collaborating on acclaimed series like BUMP and composing for documentaries, Josie's work is as varied as it is innovative. She also contributes to the music community through Heaps Decent and is actively involved in promoting gender diversity in the music and sound industry.

Josie’s also been a vocal arranger and session vocalist for several leading Australian composers on international films and series, as well as various Sydney music producers including Adam Bozzetto, Jerome Blazé, Sean Carey and Jason Fernandez. She also provided harmonies and original vocals for fellow Sonar composer Jackson Milas, and Dobby. No, not the house elf.

Jackson Milas began his composing career with High Highs in New York City, achieving global recognition. At Sonar, his award-winning scores for series like Erotic Stories and Bloom demonstrate his eclectic talent. Collaborating with Tim Minchin on Upright and composing for documentaries, Jackson's versatility knows no bounds.

His contribution to the large-scale installation Temple at VIVID Sydney 2022 highlights his innovative approach to music. Jackson is an eclectic multi-instrumentalist; weaving award-winning commercial scores for global clients, including the iconic beer choir for Carlton Draught.

With an acute ear for detail, Josh has been involved in crafting music and sound for various high profile brands such as Nike, Samsung, Hyundai, Xero, Porsche, Asahi, Sony and Telstra. In addition to this; his music productions have not only won acclaim but also resonated globally, amassing millions of streams.

Josh also excels in long-form production, composing and mixing score across films, television series and documentaries.

More recently, Josh has been working across long-form productions, score mixing and composing alongside Sonar’s award-winning composers on television series such as The Artful Dodger on Disney+, Last Kings of the Cross, ABC's Total Control and Amazon Prime’s Hot Potato: The Story of the Wiggles, as well as composing original scores for feature-length documentaries Speedway, and upcoming HBO doco Yacht Rock, Sultans of Smooth with Antony Partos.

A true sound craftsman, Andy's passion for travel, music, and film enriches his work, creating auditory experiences that are as diverse as they are compelling.

Haling from the UK, Andy has experience with renowned London based studios such as Machine, and String and Tins, the latter in which he helped grow from a startup to a major studio.

After re-locating to Australia in 2018, his reputation was firmly established after working on campaigns that picked up a plethora of sound design accolades at reputable shows like D&AD, The One Show, Creative Circle and AICP.

Having graduated from The University of Technology with a degree in Music and Sound Design alongside a Diploma in Sound from the Australian Film Television and Radio School, she’s been in sound and music for the screen for over a decade now, including eight years at Sonar Music.

Haylee brings a deep technological understanding to her production role, and her infectious personality enchants all who meet her. She makes production fun.

Andrew Lancaster, a star at Sonar, is celebrated for his AACTA-winning score for 'The Hunter' starring Willem Dafoe. His repertoire includes diverse film and television scores like 'Garage Days' and 'Black Comedy'. In London, Andrew collaborated on scores for films such as 'Ferrari Race to Immortality'.

His latest, 'Inshallah A Boy' debuted at Cannes. Beyond composing, he's released albums with Lino and directed ARIA-winning music clips, proving his wide-ranging talents in the industry.

Sophie Haydon brings over a decade of experience to Sonar Music, where she's transformed the advertising side of the business. She's overseen award-winning work for brands like Samsung and Qantas, and her influence extends to Sonar's feature, television, and documentary projects, including 'I Am Mother' and the Oscar-nominated 'Tanna'.

Sophie's expertise is recognised industry-wide; she's been a juror for Spikes Asia and AWARD, and a regular contributor to trade publications. Under her guidance, Sonar has achieved remarkable success, making significant strides in the global music and sound landscape.

Jono Ma is a multi-instrumentalist, award winning composer, producer, mixer, musical director and Sonar Music Co-Founder.

His advertising portfolio includes international campaigns for Nike, Qantas, CBA, Crown, and award winning films including Animal Kingdom, Not Suitable for Children, and Machine.

Jono is also known for his international success as the main creative force and founding member of Jagwar Ma. His records as Jagwar Ma have been nominated for a total of eight ARIA Awards.

Jono specialises in crafting intricately produced sonic soundscapes and beats that seamlessly blend nostalgia with deep emotional resonance.

David McCormack, Custard's legendary frontman, juggles touring with crafting exquisite scores for television and film at Sonar. Dave also scores beautiful music across television and film - as well as being a skilled voice artist with some of the most recognisable chat in the world right now. David's compositions have enhanced shows like Rake and Jack Irish, earning him AGSC accolades.

He's also co-composed for Top End Wedding, which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival, showcasing his multifaceted talent in the world of sound and music.

Matteo Zingales' musical mastery intricately weaves an evocative narrative, resonating deeply through emotion and underlying themes. With two decades in the industry, he’s collaborated with top filmmakers and earned critical acclaim and a shelf full of awards. Matteo's a master at blending musical genres and styles, creating soundtracks that transport listeners to uncharted territories. His recent works include scoring for Lee Tamahori’s The Convert and Russell Crowe's Poker Face alongside a suite of acclaimed projects like Ramin Bahrani's 99 Homes, and Machine.

Internationally, he’s known for his work on the US network series Secrets and Lies and the HBO feature Fahrenheit 451, which premiered at Cannes Film Festival. On television, Matteo's magic is evident in shows like Celeste Barber's Wellmania and the internationally acclaimed series Mystery Road, earning him both AACTA and AGSC accolades. From feature films to acclaimed television series, Matteo’s sonic signature is unmistakable, making him a pivotal figure in the music landscape.

Antony's feature film credits include Russel Crowe’s Poker Face, Gold (starring Zac Efron), Rams (starring Sam Neil), I Am Mother (starring Hilary Swank), 99 Homes (starring Michael Shannon) and Animal Kingdom (starring Ben Mendelsohn and Jacki Weaver).

Partos’ eclectic scores for TV drama include the epic Disney drama The Artful Dodger, the political thriller Total Control, the outback detective thriller Mystery Road, the crime drama The Last King of the Cross alongside multi award winning scores from the series Rake, Redfern Now and The Slap.

Since taking the helm as Head of Sound at Sonar in 2021, Timothy has made a name for himself among some of Australia’s most reputable agencies and production houses.

He's collaborated with Australia's elite on campaigns for big names like MastercardAudi and McDonald’s. His magic touch on Samsung’s Cannes Grand Prix-winning 'Flipvertising' campaign speaks for itself. 

Timothy's cool, collected vibe and undoubted talent make him the guy everyone wants in their sound session. He’s the embodiment of patience, and a solid rock for every client.

With his work getting nods from the ASSG, LIAs, Cannes Lions and more, it's clear Timothy's audio game is on point.

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